The Dragonfly

The ship of Captain Tantalie


Class: Swift Frigate
Cost: 12,000 gp
Maximum Speed: 3 mph
Optimal Crew: 6 – 10
Maximum Passengers: 10
Cargo: 25 tons
Armor Class: 15
Hit Points: 200
Damage Threshold: 15
Armament: None


Ships Hull: Good
Sails & Rigging: Poor
Crew Quarters: Poor
Officers Quarters: Fair
Basic Supplies: Fair
Luxury Supplies: Poor


  • The ships forecastle has been modified for use as a stable.


  • Captain Tantalie
  • Diego del Toro
  • Jagwa

The Sea Sprite was of a relatively advanced vessel design when its keel was first laid. It was seen as more of a swift courier vessel and less as a typical cargo frigate. The design heavily favors speed and ease of use for even a minimal crew and less on cargo capacity and size.

Originally the ship was owned by a wealthy noble family from Kingsport. It was used to swiftly send luxury items between the families holdings scattered across the sapphire sea. As time passed the families fortunes waned until the ship was eventually sold off to a small merchant company.

Some years later the vessel passed into the hands of slavers and pirates operating near Port Gallows. The ship would see extensive modifications to its cargo hold as well as the addition of offensive weaponry. It has been alleged that the ship was then used to plunder ancient relics from the Tikali island people.

The ship had earned a reputation for being a cursed vessel and it was believed to have been sunk in a storm off the coast of Jagela. Curiously, The ship then resurfaced a year later in a Kingsport auction and was purchased by a wealthy merchant from Hassan.

Rumor has it that the ship has changed hands once more. Now being owned by a novice sea captain.

The Dragonfly

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